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The Interview Answer Book

You’ve filled out the application and provided your resume. Now you’ve received the phone call you’ve been waiting for. You’re scheduled for an interview for the job you want. So now what?

In The Interview Answer, you’ll find ten valuable tips for interview success, including many example questions and answers. With this essential, user-friendly guide, you’ll know exactly what potential employers are looking and listening for and how to make your best qualities shine, so you can ace your next job interview.

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Beyond The Book


Patty provides one-one job interview preparation coaching to individuals who would like to hone their interview skills in advance of a job interview.


Patty provides consulting services to the faculty and/or advisory staff and of high school, college, and post-graduate career/placement centers to help them guide their students in being successful in a job interview.

Interview Answer Workshops

Patty leverages her teaching know-how and the contents of her book, The Interview Answer: 10 Essential Tips for Acing Your Job Interview to offer workshops/seminars on how to perform at your best during a job interview.